Friday, December 9, 2016

Media Appearance: "South Korea's political crisis" on Al Jazeera English

I made my TV debut on Al-Jazeera English:
Rallies against Park have drawn crowds of close to 2 million people in Seoul, the largest mass protests in South Korea's history. Lawmakers are planning an impeachment vote on Friday. The upheaval comes at a time of economic stagnation and of heightened tensions with China over South Korea's hosting of a US military shield.   On this episode of The Stream, we'll explore Park's scandal in what could be one of the most consequential moments of recent South Korean political history.
South Korea's political crisis [Al Jazeera English]

Full video is below. The main point I wanted to make was: it is to be expected that Korea's liberals would turn on Park Geun-hye, but why did Korea's conservatives turn on Park also?

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