Friday, May 19, 2017

Media Appearance: "Moon's Secret Weapon is Sunshine" on Foreign Policy

My latest contribution on the goings-on in the Korean Peninsula, this time on the Foreign Policy magazine. The heart of my argument is this:
Seen in this light, the merits of the Sunshine Policy become clear. The greatest risk of more sanctions is a nuclear war; the greatest risk of the Sunshine Policy is the continuation of the status quo. As a best possible outcome, the hawks offer no more than the status quo minus North Korean nuclear weapons, leaving untouched the Kim regime’s crimes against humanity. In contrast, the favorable outcome for the Sunshine Policy is the gradual and peaceful reunification of the two Koreas under liberal and free market principles.
Moon's Secret Weapon is Sunshine [Foreign Policy]

The piece is essentially written as a response to this recent article on Foreign Affairs, written by Joshua Stanton, Sung-yoon Lee and Bruce Klingner, who call for greater sanctions against North Korea. Though I disagree with them, their article (available here) is worth reading as a good representation of the "more sanctions" argument.

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