Friday, July 28, 2017

Media Appearance: "A Few Helpful Tips from Seoul on How to Impeach a President" on Washington Post

Yours truly made his debut on the Washington Post:
South Korea’s experience offers an important lesson. Impeachment is a radical step, which comes only after a long period of fractious politics. Many voters, alienated by the fuss, will simply tune out. To win them over, those pushing for the president’s removal must show the larger public that they can be trusted to bring stability and common sense back to the government. This is precisely what South Korea’s liberals did. By acting with maturity, Korean liberals gained more than impeachment and removal of a conservative president. They created an environment in which the succeeding liberal administration could govern effectively.

As I noted in the article, impeachment of Trump is not looking very likely as of now. But should the opportunity arise, liberals would want to think very deeply about what comes next. How would they do better than the current occupant of the White House? How would they overcome the partisanship and the information bubble? The way forward, I believe, has less to do with the specific policy proposals. Rather, it is more about being the adults in the room.

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