Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Media Appearance: "An Ingenious Plan to Modernize North Korea's Rails" on CityLab

This article actually appeared last month, but I did not share it on the blog yet:
South Korea’s proposal is a savvy one, crafted with geopolitical implications in mind. Most significantly, the plan would connect North Korea to China and Russia, allowing North Korea to ultimately become a crucial connector between East Asia and Europe. The Shinuiju-Dandong crossing is the hub of North Korea’s commerce with China; adding a high-speed train line would go a long way toward facilitating even more trade, in which South Korea could also participate. The renovated Manpo Line, connecting to Jian, China, would open another logistical connection between North Korea and China in addition to Dandong-Shinuiju. The improved Pyongra Line would connect to Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railroad, allowing overland freight transport from South Korea all the way to Europe, while giving Russia a piece of the action for North Korea’s economic development. 

For all the talk about North Korea's denuclearization, I find the possibility of North Korea's economic development much more exciting. Wouldn't you want to take a train that runs all the way from London to Tokyo, with pit stops in Paris, Prague, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Pyongyang and Seoul? What an incredible possibility!

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