Monday, July 30, 2018

Media Appearance: "Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations in Asia" in Asia Business Law Journal

Vacation is over--time to get back in the saddle! Here is my contribution, together with Michael S. Kim and Daniel S. Lee of Kobre & Kim LLP, giving an overview of cryptocurrency laws of South Korea.
Under the proposed regulatory scheme, digital currency exchanges would be required to register with South Korea’s Financial Intelligence Unit, a sub-organization of the FSC that monitors transactional flows to prevent money laundering or other attempts to evade capital control measures. The exchanges would also need to comply with “Know Your Customer” and anti-money laundering regulations at levels similar to banks. The proposed legislation is currently pending before the National Assembly.
In addition to the FSC’s proposed regulatory scheme, there are several other pending bills regarding digital currency trades and taxation measures. These bills have remained pending due to local elections in South Korea, but given a general lack of resistance toward digital currency regulation, they are expected to pass in the National Assembly soon.
Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations in Asia: South Korea [Asia Business Law Journal]

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