Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Media Appearance: "After 65 years of 'armistice,' it's about time to end the Korean War" on CNN

Together with Frank Aum, here is my latest for CNN. We advocate for an end-of-war declaration for the Korean War:
All diplomatic negotiations involve a give and take. North Korea certainly didn't agree to denuclearize unilaterally while receiving nothing in return. But in agreeing to an end of war declaration, the United States would not be giving up much: It would merely recognize the reality that, as a practical matter, the war has been over for decades. However, the declaration is potentially a game changer for the Kim regime, which fears for its survival and foreign encroachments on its sovereignty. The formal expression of the end of the "hostile" US policy, as Pyongyang sees it, may help Kim neutralize the hardliners within his regime, creating greater flexibility to take further steps toward denuclearization. As a nonbinding political measure, a declaration would not require lengthy, complicated negotiations like a peace treaty. Most importantly, it gives forward momentum to the negotiations, allowing the bicycle to stay upright, as diplomats like to say.

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