Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Media Appearance: "Why a Joint Inter-Korean Railway Survey Matters" on NK News

I am all-in on the peace train! Here's the second part of the two-fer from yesterday:
Although the UNSC includes the United States, the survey obtained the exemption from the sanctions. This exemption from sanctions given by the United States, in its role as a member of the Security Council, does not appear to be accidental. In a working group meeting between U.S. and South Korea, Stephen Biegun, Special Representative for North Korea for the US Department of State, expressed “strong support” for the joint survey. Significantly, Special Representative Biegun was giving his support for the joint survey to his South Korean counterparts precisely at the same time as Secretary Pompeo was delivering his remarks on the need for the denuclearization process to keep pace with the inter-Korean progress. Rather than being displeased with South Korea’s efforts for better relations with North Korea, the United States appears to be quietly backing such efforts, at least as to certain projects.

The fact that US granted sanctions exemptions to the railway project is a big, big, big deal, and I am not sure if most North Korea observers are properly appreciating this point.

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