Friday, March 1, 2019

Media Appearance: "The Pressure is on Kim Jong Un After Failure in Hanoi" on CNN

It took me quite some time to recover from the shock of Hanoi summit's failure and process what went wrong. 
Regardless of what happened behind closed doors, the failure to reach an agreement in Hanoi puts additional pressure on Kim Jong Un to do more, as the unusual confluence of world events that allowed him to come this far may not last much longer. Despite his belligerent "fire and fury" rhetoric, Trump and his unconventional approach to diplomacy represented the best chance for North Korea to win any concession from the United States. With the explosive testimony of Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen detailing Trump's alleged long criminal history (which the President firmly denies), Trump may have less time to focus on Kim moving forward -- as he prepares for what may be some nasty political battles and a re-election campaign.
The Pressure is on Kim Jong Un After Failure in Hanoi [CNN]

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