Friday, May 3, 2019

Media Appearance: "South Korea's Darkest Clubs are Being Dragged Into the Light" on Foreign Policy

Together with Jenna Gibson, who has carved out a unique space on commenting about South Korean pop culture and its international implications, here is my latest on Foreign Policy. And for once, it's not about North Korea!
But the new Gangnam clubs, including Arena and Burning Sun, which began to emerge in the mid-2000s, were opulent, glamourous, and above the law. International capital flowed to these clubs: Burning Sun had investors from Japan and Taiwan, and many of the club’s VIPs were reported to be men from China. K-pop’s international success, and the glitz that came with it, was certainly a factor. . . . The Gangnam club scandal exemplifies everything Korean feminists have been fighting: commodification of women’s bodies, constant surveillance and invasion of privacy, and the power structure that enables all of this with impunity.

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