Monday, January 13, 2020

Media Appearance: How to Impeach a President (in Korea) on Foreign Policy

A very belated happy new year and the new decade! It's been far too long on this blog, but one of my new year's resolutions is to pick up the blog once again, especially since Asia is becoming all the more important in US courts.

But first, a roundup of my media appearances from late last year. Here is one from October 10, 2019, as Congress impeached Donald Trump:
The South Korean experience offers two lessons for US liberals who wish to impeach and remove Donald Trump. The first lesson is: don’t lose hope. Many liberals despaired at the seemingly indestructible support for Trump. They fret that the Republican electorate is so emotionally committed to Trump that they will overlook any wrongdoing, while the Republican lawmakers are too cowardly to stand up against Trump. South Koreans liberals made the exact same charge until 2016, that Park Geun-hye’s “concrete floor” of support was too impenetrable and her hold over the Saenuri Party was too complete.

Fortunately, they were wrong. Both in case of South Korea and the US, the structure is never as strong as it seems. It erodes gradually, then falls apart suddenly. Since Pelosi began the impeachment inquiry, the popular support for removing Trump from office has been steadily rising. Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake predicted at least 35 Republican Senators would vote to remove Trump if the vote was anonymous. It is hardly outlandish to think the next outrageous action from Trump will finally cause the GOP to break with Trump. A straw may not look like much, but when placed on top of the right amount of load, it can break a camel’s back. 
How to Impeach a President (in Korea) [Foreign Policy]

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